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If you are a growth-minded professional struggling to get creative new ideas, wondering where to find the energy and focus which is causing you to lose sleep, get grouchy and stressed out…YOU are in the right place!

Once you discover how to release THE BONDAGE OF TIME,  you will create more wealth, peace and joy. YES!

I work with professionals who want to maximize TIME and ENERGY,  create more wealth and FUN in their lives and still get important things DONE!


This is what I know for sure:

YOU can be the C. E. O. (Creative Energetic Optimizer) of your life!

YOU can find creative ways to overcome your challenges

YOU can synergize with people to create the dream team for your goals !

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Are you an Early Bird?

Are you an Early Bird? Below is a picture just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Notice the moon approaching its quarter. As I am traveling to Chicago, I rediscovered an interesting thing about time. Driving the distance to Chicago means lots of miles each day. Yet, because I am heading EAST, I...
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Why Poppies are Selective

Why Poppies are Selective Poppies are the state flower for the state of California. They are beautiful and naturally grow in the best places suited for their best life now. This picture is taken in the town of Santa Cruz less than a mile from my home and near the beach. I have long wanted...
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How I Won by Coming in Second

How I Won by Coming in Second My current book on mastering stress is in edits and layout. It will be available in June, God willing. In it I talk about the stress of rejection which I got a taste of last weekend. I was in the third level of a speech contest that had me inspired and revved up....
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Windy City Wisdom

Windy City Wisdom Having worked for a major corporation for most of my professional career, I could not help but think, “Why can’t our country run on the financial mentality so characteristic of corporations? What is going on with our national bottom line?” That is when I...
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Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made I have always thought of Thomas A. Edison as the man who developed the light bulb, until I saw this sign. It was posted in my dental office, of all places. We are wonderfully made and our bodies have tremendous healing and feeling capabilities. A healthy body is free of pain....
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Relationships Relationships Getting along with people is one of life’s most rewarding lessons. People bring out the best and the worst in you. They are an amazing training ground for developing those characteristics that refine the completeness of you. One of the best ways to truly stay on...
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What Is, So What?

What’s So, So What? One of the biggest contributors to stress and physiologic pain is coming to terms with hidden fears. Fear of being discovered, being imperfect, being a host of shortcomings are all things you might not want people or even yourself to know and / or remember. There may be a...
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Are You a Good Communicator?

Are You a Good Communicator? Sometimes actions speak louder than words, especially for children and animals. Try speaking to a “bird.” It is important to communicate in the benefit of safety and creating an advantage to those who do not want to hear what you have to say. Start with...
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Appreciation… Years ago, I was in the biggest turmoil of my life.  Everything seemed to be going downhill, finances, health, job, career, relationships, you name it.  I was in an unfortunate place.  At that time someone told be to be grateful. Maintain an “attitude of...
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What Do You See?

What Do You See? I am traveling from the California coast to Chicago for a conference. This is one of my first stops to enjoy nature and find a rock that represents a monument to God, an altar of sorts. How beautiful is nature, even in May on a clear-sky afternoon just outside of Reno....
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